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Criteria: Criteria do not follow from a definition but must be developed. The criteria for the application of a concept to an object are more concerned with language practice in a community. E.g. the definition of truth does not provide a criterion for which sentences are true.
Annotation: The above characterizations of concepts are neither definitions nor exhausting presentations of problems related to them. Instead, they are intended to give a short introduction to the contributions below. – Lexicon of Arguments.
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Austin, J.L. Criteria   Austin, J.L.
Ayer, Alfred Jules Criteria   Ayer, Alfred Jules
Birnbacher, Dieter Criteria   Birnbacher, Dieter
Carnap, Rudolf Criteria   Carnap, Rudolf
Carver, Charles S. Criteria   Carver, Terrell
Cavell, Stanley Criteria   Cavell, Stanley
Chisholm, Roderick Criteria   Chisholm, Roderick
Chomsky, Noam Criteria   Chomsky, Noam
Davidson, Donald Criteria   Davidson, Donald
Dawkins, Richard Criteria   Dawkins, Richard
Duhem, Pierre Criteria   Duhem, Pierre
Dummett, Michael E. Criteria   Dummett, Michael E.
Dworkin, Ronald Criteria   Dworkin, Ronald
Goodman, Nelson Criteria   Goodman, Nelson
Hacking, Ian Criteria   Hacking, Ian
Hempel, Carl Criteria   Hempel, Carl
Henrich, Dieter Criteria   Henrich, Dieter
Kant, Immanuel Criteria   Kant, Immanuel
Kuhn, Thomas S. Criteria   Kuhn, Thomas S.
Millikan, Ruth Criteria   Millikan, Ruth
Popper, Karl Criteria   Popper, Karl
Putnam, Hilary Criteria   Putnam, Hilary
Quine, W.V.O. Criteria   Quine, Willard Van Orman
Rescher, Nicholas Criteria   Rescher, Nicholas
Rorty, Richard Criteria   Rorty, Richard
Russell, Bertrand Criteria   Russell, Bertrand
Scheier, Michael F. Criteria   Scheier, Michael F.
Schurz, Gerhard Criteria   Schurz, Gerhard
Searle, John R. Criteria   Searle, John R.
Stalnaker, Robert Criteria   Stalnaker, Robert
Tarski, Alfred Criteria   Tarski, Alfred
Vollmer, Gerhard Criteria   Vollmer, Gerhard
Wittgenstein, Ludwig Criteria   Wittgenstein, Ludwig

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