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Structure/Eco: an intrusion into">

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Umberto Eco on Painting - Dictionary of Arguments

I 154
Painting/open artwork/Eco: a painting is a "field" of interpretative possibilities.
I 154
Structure/Eco: an intrusion into the structure itself can already be found in Tintoretto.
I 154
Futurism/Cubism/Eco: new mobility is made possible by the stability of the original forms, which are confirmed again in negation by deformation and dissolution!
I 155
Informal, abstract expressionism: abstract expressionism is not a movement, because the picture is there. It is about the viewer's movement.
I 168
Meaning/information/Eco: a picturesque configuration that transmits a certain sum of syntactic relationships rather than semantic references also has a meaning. It is constituted in proportion to the order, the conventionality and thus the redundancy of the structure. It is all the more clear and unambiguous the more I adhere to probability rules and an organizational law that are pre-determined.

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Eco I
U. Eco
Opera aperta, Milano 1962, 1967
German Edition:
Das offene Kunstwerk Frankfurt/M. 1977

Eco II
U, Eco
La struttura assente, Milano 1968
German Edition:
Einführung in die Semiotik München 1972

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