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Umberto Eco on Music - Dictionary of Arguments

I 40
Henri Pousseur/composition/music/Eco: "Since the phenomena are no longer interlinked with consequent determinism, it is incumbent upon the listener to consciously place himself/herself in a network of different relations, so to speak to even determine the degree of his/her approach, orientation points, reference scale (knowing well that his/her choice is determined by the object) that it is what must now exists to utilize the greatest number of possible gradations and dimensions at the same time, to dynamize and multiply his/her recording instruments, up to the limits of their possibilities.
I 53
Serial composition/music/Eco: serial composition has no preferred points, all perspectives are equally valid. Eco: the perspectives are related to Einstein's universe.
I 140
Meaning in music/Eco: in the quest for satisfaction - interplay of disability and emotive reaction - the musical message enriches itself with meaning: stimulus, crisis, striving. It is the erection of satisfaction of a place. Meaning: the same stimulus creates, inhibits and provides meaningful solutions.
I 43
Life/sin/Mallarmé: "Le monde existe pour aboutir à un livre" ((s) Translation: The world exists only to contribute to a book.)
I 127
Anton von Webern/Eco: Anton von Webern created a series which he compared to the magic square "SATOR AREPO...".

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Eco I
U. Eco
Opera aperta, Milano 1962, 1967
German Edition:
Das offene Kunstwerk Frankfurt/M. 1977

Eco II
U, Eco
La struttura assente, Milano 1968
German Edition:
Einführung in die Semiotik München 1972

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