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Umberto Eco on Baroque - Dictionary of Arguments

I 35
Baroque/Eco: the art of Baroque is dynamic, striving for indeterminacy of the effect, never allowing a preferential, frontal, definitive point of view to be established. It is the best clear manifestation of modern cultural insensitivity: for the first time the human is deprived of the norm of the canonical (the guarantee of the cosmic order). In art and science, the human faces a world in motion that demands a creatively inventive attitude from him or her.
I 47
Baroque/Eco: what we are seeing here, is a replacement of the tactile by the visual. This means, there is a predominance of the subjective aspect, the shifting of attention from being to appearance.

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Eco I
U. Eco
Opera aperta, Milano 1962, 1967
German Edition:
Das offene Kunstwerk Frankfurt/M. 1977

Eco II
U, Eco
La struttura assente, Milano 1968
German Edition:
Einführung in die Semiotik München 1972

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