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Nicolas de Condorcet on Progress - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 211
Progress/Condorcet/Habermas: the concept of progress is linked to the idea of learning. The human mind does not owe its progress to the approach to a telos, but to the unhindered confirmation of its intelligence, i.e. a learning mechanism. Learning means the intelligent overcoming of obstacles; Condorcet characterizes the "constitution of our intelligence" by the "relationship between our means of discovering the truth and the resistance with which nature opposes our efforts". (1)
Habermas III 214
Like Kant, Condorcet sees the progress of civilisation along the lines of a republic that guarantees civil liberties, an international order that brings about lasting peace, a society that accelerates economic growth and technological progress and abolishes or nevertheless compensates social inequalities. (2)

1. Condorcet, Entwurf einer historischen Darstellung der Fortschritte des menschlichen Geistes, hrsg. von W. Alff, Frankfurt, 1963, p. 253.
2. Ibid. p. 383.

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