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Norbert Wiener on Teleology - Dictionary of Arguments

Wright I 157
Teleology/Wiener/Bigelow/Wright, G. H.: Bigelow and Wiener want to restrict "teleological behaviour" to "targeted reactions controlled by trial and error". This means that it is equivalent to behavior controlled by negative feedback. (A. Rosenblueth, N. Wiener and J. Bigelow "Behavior, Purpose and Teleology", 1943, S. 23-24.). (See also Feedback/Wright, G. H.).
Wright I 28
Teleology/Balance/Homeostasis/Feedback/Cybernetics/Wright, G. H.: Example: Control of the temperature of a system by a thermostat. In this case, the rise or fall of the temperature is considered to be a "defect" or "correction" of a subsystem. The effect factor of the second system gives the effect of the cause factor of the first system an "appearance of teleology". However, both systems work according to causal laws.
Rosenblueth/Wiener/Bigelow: Thesis: Purposefulness can generally be explained by such a chain of causal systems.

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