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Artificial intelligence: is the ability to recognize artificial systems, patterns and redundancies, to complete incomplete sequences, to re-formulate and solve problems, and to estimate probabilities. This is not an automation of human behavior, since such an automation could be a mechanical imitation. Rather, artificial systems are only used by humans to make decisions, when these systems have already made autonomous decisions.

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I 22
Artificial Intelligence/Weizenbaum: thesis: human intelligence and that of machines must be separated.
Human beings: in order to be able to deal with digital machines, humans have to internalize certain aspects of these machines in the form of kinesthetic and perception habits.
I 23
The human relies on autonomous machines, i.e. machines that work entirely on the basis of their own inner reality for a longer period of time.
I 24
When we talk about bureaucracy today, we have the idea of an independent, machine-like process.
I 262
Artificial Intelligence/Weizenbaum: Problem: there are thoughts that no machine will ever understand, because they relate to goals that are not appropriate for machines.
I 269
Existence/Life/Human/World/Reality/Weizenbaum: Thesis: an organism is largely defined by the problems it faces. Human beings have to cope with problems that no machine built by human hands ever has to deal with.

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Weizenbaum I
Joseph Weizenbaum
Computer Power and Human Reason. From Judgment to Calculation, W. H. Freeman & Comp. 1976
German Edition:
Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft Frankfurt/M. 1978

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