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Pierre Bourdieu on Art - Dictionary of Arguments

I 23
Modern art/Ortega y Gasset/Bourdieu: Ortega y Gasset attests to modern art a systematic rejection of everything "human", i. e. everything general, common - in contrast to the distinguished - rejection of all passions, feelings and sensations with which the "ordinary" people struggle in their "ordinary" existence.
I 24
Art/Kant/Bourdieu: speaks of disinterested pleasure, while the people expect each image to fulfil a function, be it that of a sign that is often explicitly related to the norms of morality or pleasure.
On the other hand, the intellectual believes more in the representation than the depicted.
I 25
Definition Stylization/Bourdieu: setting the primacy of form over function. There is no area in which the stylization of life did not have the same effects:.... the ability to aestheticize arbitrary or even "vulgar" objects... and to let the principles of a "pure" aesthetic play in complete reversal of the popular attitude.
I 26
Artworks/Bourdieu: the objects, persons and situations that receive cultural consecration experience an ontological increase reminding of transubstantiation.

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Bourd I
P. Bourdieu
La distinction. Critique sociale du jugement, Paris 1979
German Edition:
Die feinen Unterschiede. Kritik der gesellschaftlichen Urteilskraft Frankfurt/M. 1987

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