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Paradoxes: are contradictions within formally correct statements or sets of statements that lead to an existence assumption, which initially seemed plausible, to be withdrawn. Paradoxes are not errors, but challenges that may lead to a re-formulation of the prerequisites and assumptions, or to a change in the language, the subject domain, and the logical system. See also Russellian paradox, contradictions, range, consistency.

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I 256
Paradoxes/Figure/Background/Bateson: their appearance is accelerated by the introduction of frames to distinguish an image from its background. Example:
I 257
Animal communication/Paradox/Bateson: we distinguish three levels:
a) Mood signs
b) imitated mood signs
c) something that makes it possible to distinguish between (a) and (b).
Question: does the message that it is a game in certain cases help to distinguish the different levels? Can psychotherapy certainly help to differentiate between them?
I 258
Psychotherapy/Bateson: is based on the manipulation of frames.
I 364
Time/logic/computer/implementation/Bateson: in the logical implication "if..., then...") the time does not occur. It happens, however, when the computer reads it from left to right.
Paradox/Computer/Bateson: the computer does not encounter a paradox, but only a simulation in chains of cause and effect. The computer oscillates - it does not dissolve. (> Performative paradox, communication/animal).

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Bt I
G. Bateson
Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology, San Francisco 1972
German Edition:
Ökologie des Geistes. Anthropologische, psychologische, biologische und epistemologische Perspektiven Frankfurt 1985

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