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Ricoeur I 101
Symptom/Freud/Ricoeur: [The] alignment of meaning and text [in the interpretation of dreams] makes it possible to correct what remains ambiguous about the concept of the symptom; the symptom is certainly already a sphere of action and has [a] mixed structure, (... Through its affiliation with speech, the dream reveals the symptom as meaning and makes it possible to coordinate the normal and the pathological in a general seminology (...).
But is it possible to keep the interpretation on this unambiguous level, where the relationships would be such from sense to sense? The interpretation cannot develop without completely different and
actually use energetic terms; in fact, it is not possible to perform the first task of interpretation, which is to find out which "thought", which "imagination", which "desire" is "fulfilled" in disguised form, without taking into account the "mechanisms" that constitute dream work (...).

* FN: In chronological terms, the common idea of Breuer and Freud of the symptom is certainly in first place; but the reversal of priority is essential in methodological terms: "I was given the points of view for the conception of the dream by previous work on the psychology of neuroses, to which I am not supposed to refer here, and yet I have to refer to it again and again, while I proceed in the opposite direction and want to reach the connection to the psychology of neuroses from the dream". (S. Freud, GW 11/111, 593).
The structural identity of neurotic symptom and dream is only established at the end of the topic under the title Traumbildung und Symbolbildung (pp. 611 ff). But the interpretation of the symptom as symbol in the studies on hysteria is the main link (...).

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Freud I
S. Freud
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Psychoanalyse Hamburg 2011

Ricoeur I
Paul Ricoeur
De L’interprétation. Essai sur Sigmund Freud
German Edition:
Die Interpretation. Ein Versuch über Freud Frankfurt/M. 1999

Ricoeur II
Paul Ricoeur
Interpretation theory: discourse and the surplus of meaning Fort Worth 1976

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