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Communication: In general, communication is the transmission of information between several entities (people, animals, cells) that are able to process this information. In communication, information is copied and not merely transmitted, since it is not lost at the original location. New information emerges where applicable in the individuals involved in the communication. The aim of communication is to change the information of a recipient. Human communication also includes the manner of transmission, e.g. ironic coloring of a quotation or the knowledge about the credibility of a source. See also information, language, communication theory, actions, understanding, frame theories.

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Terrence W. Deacon on Communication - Dictionary of Arguments

I 31
Communication/Human/Animal/Deacon: we underestimate the enormous complexity and subtlety of non-human communication(1).
Animal signals: show only superficial resemblance to human language learning, reference and syntax (in that order). But no animal species has developed these facets into a rule-based system. Animal signals do not have what is equal to the noun/verb distinction,...
I 32
...neither do they differentiate between grammatical and ungrammatical connections, nor tense formation, nor do they differentiate between singular and plural.
Animal language/non-human language: what qualities should an animal language have? Whereupon do astronomers search the sky for extraterrestrial intelligences?
I 466 Note
Signal language: Some languages based on signs are not based on the human language, but differ considerably from it(2). Signal language/Deacon.

1) See Marc D. Hauser (1996). The evolution of communication. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. Pp. xiii+760.
(2) See Bellugi und Klima (1982)

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Dea I
T. W. Deacon
The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of language and the Brain New York 1998

Dea II
Terrence W. Deacon
Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter New York 2013

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