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Utterance: oral performance of a sentence as opposed to the mere thinking or writing. See also actions, speech acts utterance conditions, assertibility conditions

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I 53
Utterance/linguistics/Lyons: unequal sentence: the actual utterances cannot be completely described by a previous description of the possible sentences of a language.
Sentence/Utterance: the distinction between sentence and utterance is fundamental to modern linguistics. But we can first develop some basic concepts without them.
I 54
In the next three chapters, "sentence" and "utterance" will still be used synonymously. Later:
Sentence: Unit of langue
Utterance: Manifestation of the parole.
I 174
Utterance/modern linguistics/Lyons: N.B.: neither words nor sentences nor any units of language description at all are already "given" in non-analytic material.
I 175
The linguist's material is the utterance.
Def Utterance/Harris: "any part of a person's speech, before and after which that person is silent". That is a pre-scientific description, of course.
Utterancce: many are incomplete! Therefore, they are not equivalent to sentences or words.

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John Lyons
Semantics Cambridge, MA 1977

Lyons I
John Lyons
Introduction to Theoretical Lingustics, Cambridge/MA 1968
German Edition:
Einführung in die moderne Linguistik München 1995

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