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Adequacy: in logic a complete and correct calculus is adequate - Empirical adequacy of statements can only be found in relation to theories (as opposed to truth).

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Definition Weak Adequacy/Grammar/Lyons: a grammar is weakly adequate when it generates the desired class of sentences.
Definition strongly adequate/Lyons: it is when it also assigns the correct structural description to each sentence.
Correctness/Theory/Lyons: our definition of strong/weak adequacy implies in no way an interpretation of "correct". It does not even make an assumption as to whether there are any norms of "correctness". However, we determine that it is possible, at least in certain cases, to say that one description is more correct than another.
We just do not claim that we can decide what is "absolutely correct".
Context-dependent/context-independent/grammar/adequacy/equivalence/Lyons: the two grammars are probably weak, but not strongly equivalent. The context-dependent is more adequate.
Comparability/equivalence/Lyons: since the two systems are weakly equivalent, they are at least comparable.

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John Lyons
Semantics Cambridge, MA 1977

Lyons I
John Lyons
Introduction to Theoretical Lingustics, Cambridge/MA 1968
German Edition:
Einführung in die moderne Linguistik München 1995

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