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Peter Gärdenfors

I 124
Definition Object Category/Category/Word/Gärdenfors: an object category is defined by the following elements:
(i) a set of relevant domains (possibly increased in the course of time)
(ii) a set of convex regions in these domains (possibly a region is identical to the entire domain).
(iii) weighting of the salience of the domains (context-dependent)
(iv) information on how the regions of different domains are related.
(v) information on the part-whole relations.
I 125
Hierarchy of object categories: is reflected in language and cognition. There are three types of generalization:
(i) including convex regions of domains
(ii) reduction of the part-to-whole relations for a category
(iii) reduction of the domains associated with a category.
E.g. a plastic duck only shares the form with the biological concept of the duck. The generalized term is then "duck-shaped object".

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Gä I
P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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