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Qualia, philosophy: qualia are the sensory-like correspondences to properties perceived on external objects or processes. Problems arise in connection with the explanation of their origin and their comparability between individuals. See also phenomena, sensory perception, sensations, perceptions, stimuli, qualities, subjectivity, intersubjectivity, objectivity, inverted spectra, consciousness.

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Gärdenfors I 49
Qualia/Pustejovsky/Frame Theory/Semantics/Gärdenfors: Pustejovsky's Qualia (Pustejovsky, 1991) are inspired by Aristotle's modes of explaining entities and relations. There are four types of Qualia:
1. formal Qualia: concern what distinguishes something in a larger domain from others
2. constitutive Qualia: concerns the relation between an entity and its constitutive parts (meronomic relations).
3. telic Qualia: concern the purpose and function of the entity
4. agentive Qualia: concern the origin and emergence of the entity.
I 50
GärdenforsVsPustejovsky: like all frame theories, his theory also lacks emphasis on the geometric structure of conceptual spaces.

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Pust I
James Pustejovsky
The Generative Lexicon Cambridge, MA 1991

Gä I
P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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