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World lines: describe the path or orbit that an object travels in space time. Since there is no absolute rest, all macroscopic bodies in the universe describe orbits. These are composed of several components, such as, for example, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, the orbit of the solar system around the center of the galaxy, and the movement of the entire galaxy. This results in a superposition of several screw motions. See also space time, change, motion, four dimensionalism.

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Peter Gärdenfors

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World lines/Trajectories/Gärdenfors: Objects do not make jumps in spacetime, i.e. their spacetime paths are connected.
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This is the background of the psychological phenomenon of object permanence (Piaget, 1972) (1). An object is still suspected in the place, even if it is temporarily hidden.
Consequence: this also shows that it is not sufficient to identify objects with the set of their object-categorical properties. > Identification/Individuation/Gärdenfors.

(1) Piaget, J. (1972). The psychology of the child. New York: Basic Books.

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P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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