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Peter Gärdenfors
I 110
Object of thought/intentional identity/Gärdenfors: example by Peter Geach (1967): the three farmers Cob, Hob and Nob believe that a witch is bothering them, and they wonder if she is the same witch who has done different things. Problem: since there is no witch, there is only one object of thought. Question: is it the same object that the three farmers think of? See also Edelberg (2006) and Jacot (2012).
Prototype/Jacot/Gärdenfors: "a witch" is under-determined. Solution: Prototypes.
I 111
Fixed point/Gärdenfors: is reached, if e.g. one refers to the with with index words and pronomina. However, this fixed point is fragile, which becomes apparent when additional properties are added that are possibly incompatible.
Solution: if there is a "meeting of minds", the same conclusions should be drawn.
I 112
Gärdenfors: such a theory can be called sociocognitive.

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P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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