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Generalization: a generalization is the extension of a statement (an attribution of properties) that applies to a domain D of objects to an object domain E that is larger than D and contains D. Time points may also belong to the subject domain. A property which fully applies to the objects of an object domain may be partially applicable to the objects of a larger domain. See also validity, general invalidity, general, predication, methods.

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Peter Gärdenfors
I 126
Verallgemeinerung/Gärdenfors: Drei Arten von Verallgemeinerung:
1. Die Hierarchie in der Verallgemeinerung von Kategorien entspricht den logischen Relationen der Allgemeinheit der Substantive.
2. Ähnlichkeitsrelationen zwischen Kategorien
3. Nach Rosch (1975, 1978) enthalten übergeordnete Kategorien viel weniger gemeinsame Attribute (Bereiche) als grundlegende Kategorien.

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Gä I
P. Gärdenfors
The Geometry of Meaning Cambridge 2014

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