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Panpsychism: Panpsychism is a collective term for the theories, which assume an animacy of all objects. It is assumed that this animacy is located in things from the very beginning of the universe. Panpsychism is monistic, i.e. it denies a separation of mental and material things. Modern forms of panpsychism do not assume fully developed mental qualities of the objects, but rather preliminary stages of the mental. See also dualism, property dualism, monism, materialism, physicalism, identity theory.

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David Chalmers

I 297
Panpsychism/Chalmers: if we admit a thermostat experience (flashy information state changes), then perhaps there is consciousness or conscious states everywhere? Perhaps in a stone? But a stone does not correspond to a thermostat. We can say that the stone contains subsystems that are conscious.
I 298
Consciousness/Chalmers: if we assume that very simple systems have very simple phenomenology, it makes it less unintelligible to accept consciousness as a unified property of the universe.
Experience/Chalmers: can experiences arise in a static state? Intuitively, it seems necessary that a change of state is necessary for a system to have an experience.
Proto-phanomenal: we can call the "experiences" of a thermostat proto-phenomenal.
I 299
Panpsychism/Chalmers: The reason why I am not referring to my thesis as panpsychism is that it is misleadingly suggested that proto-phanomenal experiences are somehow basic and complex experiences are composed of them, which I do not believe. But I call my thesis of naturalistic dualism a variant of panpsychism.

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Cha I
The Conscious Mind Oxford New York 1996

Cha II
D. Chalmers
Constructing the World Oxford 2014

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