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Ries II 48
Free Spirit/Nietzsche: "prince outlaw": for him, not only metaphysics, morality, religion, but also art - which is no longer the master of life, but its mistress - is broken down by means of critical knowledge.
Danto III 227
Spirit/Strength/Weakness/Nietzsche/Danto: Nietzsche writes: "The weak have more spirit" (F. Nietzsche, Götzen-Dämmerung, KGW VI. 3, p. 115).
Danto: this dictum is hard to regard as a compliment. When you quote Nietzsche, the question arises again and again whether you have sufficiently included the context. (See Compassion/Nietzsche).

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Nie I
Friedrich Nietzsche
Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe Berlin 2009

Nie V
F. Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil 2014

Ries II
Wiebrecht Ries
Nietzsche zur Einführung Hamburg 1990

Danto I
A. C. Danto
Connections to the World - The Basic Concepts of Philosophy, New York 1989
German Edition:
Wege zur Welt München 1999

Danto III
Arthur C. Danto
Nietzsche as Philosopher: An Original Study, New York 1965
German Edition:
Nietzsche als Philosoph München 1998

Danto VII
A. C. Danto
The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art (Columbia Classics in Philosophy) New York 2005

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