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Simulacrum: a simulacrum is a thing similar to another thing. This can also be an idea. In the modern theory of the media, the question is whether simulacra have fundamentally replaced originals. See also simulation, concept, similarity, media, forgery.

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Blask I 26
Simulacra = are artificial worlds of signs.

Baudrillard: Order of the Simulacra:
1st order: (Renaissance) Imitation, pretense, automat
2nd order: (industrial revolution) production/reproduction, robot
3rd order: (Present) There is random permutation. Negation is integrated. There is total relativity. There is no choice. All answers are already there.
Blask I 29
Definition Simulation/Baudrillard: simulation is that irresistible process, in which things are linked together as if they had a meaning. It eliminates the principle of truth and thus the semantic equivalence between the signifier and the signified.

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Baud I
J. Baudrillard
Simulacra and Simulation (Body, in Theory: Histories) Ann Arbor 1994

Baud II
Jean Baudrillard
Der symbolische Tausch und der Tod Berlin 2009

Blask I
Falko Blask
Jean Baudrillard zur Einführung Hamburg 2013

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