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Nature, philosophy: nature is usually defined as the part of reality that was not made or designed by humans. No properties can be attributed to nature. E.g. since contradiction is ultimately a language problem, one can say that nature cannot be contradictory. Not all forms of necessity can be attributed to nature, e.g. non-logical necessity and unnecessary existence. See also de re, de dicto, necessity de re, existence.

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Rötzer I 65
Nature/Flusser: Plato, Aristotle: the whole world is plant, nature, alive. (Flusser: That would have been the same as the animal, but then the roots were missing). The question arises as to what the world plant (the cosmos) has grown from.
Answer: Democritus, Lukrez (maybe Job): it is due to coincidence. Most others agreed that the author used the seed.
Rötzer I 66
Aristotle: claimed e.g., that a house could have grown just as well if the Creator had liked to sow a corresponding seed.
No ontological distinction between natural and artificial.
Artificial is merely conveyed by humans. For example, a wooden house is the result of a distorting detour, e.g. a painted house is the result of another detour, a new loop.
I 109/110
Nature/Flusser: "You cannot "want to" be natural and want to experience a unio mystica".

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Fl I
V. Flusser
Kommunikologie Mannheim 1996

Rötz I
F. Rötzer
Kunst machen? München 1991

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