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Blask I 16
Theories/Baudrillard: Baudrillard shares Foucault's denial of Freudian and Marxist theories of repression and liberation.
Blask I 38
Theory/Baudrillard: the theory presents itself as a simulation, seduction and fatal strategy at the same time. No more logic, analysis and striving for recognizes it to determine this kind of theorizing. The real thing simply does not belong to its actual field of investigation. Baudrillard sees himself as the only person responsible for the virtual.
Blask I 67
Theory/Baudrillard: theory is perhaps the only fatal strategy. Instead of criticism and negativity: to push things on their already-chosen path to the point where they perish by themselves and escape any access.
Blask I 124
Theory/Baudrillard: a theory does not serve to gain new absolute knowledge, but to refute the fact that this strategy could be successful.

Baud I
J. Baudrillard
Simulacra and Simulation (Body, in Theory: Histories) Ann Arbor 1994

Baud II
Jean Baudrillard
Der symbolische Tausch und der Tod Berlin 2009

Blask I
Falko Blask
Jean Baudrillard zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 2013

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