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Blask I 10
Simulation/Baudrillard: simulation is no mirror or model of reality. It generates itself without reference in the real world. Valuation or rules do not simply disappear, but survive as simulacra. For example, the system of political economy exists only as a sign, as "as if", and fakes its own reality.
Blask I 11
Simulation: simulation is not pure pretense, but characters.
Blask I 23
Simulation/Baudrillard: simulation has no referent anymore. It only interacts with other simulations. > Semiocracy, rule of the signs.
Blask I 32/33
Simulation/Baudrillard: today the threat arises from the simulation. It produces continually artificial, social, economic and political operations. E.g. Watergate: "blackmailing to the real": it is supposed to give the population the impression that the political morality is still real existential.
Blask I 36
Simulation/Baudrillard: the basic unit is the binary code.
Blask I 46
Simulation/Baudrillard: simulation does not know the outside anymore.

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Falko Blask
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