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Ordinal numbers: ordinals indicate the position of elements within a sequence (expressed by "first", "second", ...). In contrast, cardinal numbers (expressed by "one," two ", ...) indicate the size (cardinality) of sets. See also numbers, sets, order, well-ordering.

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Thiel I 199
Transfinite Ordinal Numbers/Cantor: we start from the basic numbers again, not only for counting, but now also with the aim of arranging. Now we also want to specify in which order the elements of a set are to be considered in a context.
Def Ordered: A set is called ordered by KL, if for each two different of its elements a and b either aKb or bKa is valid.
Arrangements are called w. There are very different arrangement possibilities.
I 200
Def Pairterm: Then the representation of the relation term representing the order relation is additionally required: the "Pairterm".
When comparing ordered sets, the term "illustration" is used.

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Chr. Thiel
Philosophie und Mathematik Darmstadt 1995

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