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Pauen I 94
Paul ChurchlandVsEveryday psychology/Pauen: 1. it fails with central problems: development and dynamics of mental illnesses, ability to creative imagination, causes of intelligence differences.
2. Everyday psychology will not resolve this in the foreseeable future. In primitive cultures, their reach was much greater: here, it is even applied to natural phenomena. (> Pathetic fallacy: jealous moon, annoying wind).
3. Within the sciences, everyday psychology leads a wallflower existence.
V 95
Churchland: Turning from the Neurobiological Approach to Neuroinformatics.
Even the fight against crime could benefit from the elimination of everyday psychology.
V 96
Churchland: the vocabulary of everyday psychology will disappear.

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Churla I
Paul M. Churchland
Matter and Consciousness Cambridge 2013

Churli I
Patricia S. Churchland
Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Brains New York 2014

Pau I
M. Pauen
Grundprobleme der Philosophie des Geistes Frankfurt 2001

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