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Eliminate, Elimination, philosophy: the replacement of a linguistic expression by another in the case of a theory revision. The elimination is usually done either by a definition or by merging various observations under a common concept. See also reduction, reductionism, eliminative materialism, eliminative reductionism, meaning change, theory change, incommensurability.
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Schiffer I 159
Eliminativism/Churchland/Schiffer: (Paul Churchland 1981): his eliminativism is quite different from that of Quine: Here the irreducibility of intentional vocabulary is denied.
Folk Psychology/Churchland: is a functional theory. Belief is a functional state, with a functional role but future neuroscience will show that no inner states have these roles and therefore the folk psychology is wrong.
Schiffer: this is a completely different route to eliminativism than that belief cannot be realized physically because our intentional vocabulary was irreducible.
I 164
... SchifferVsChurchland: his eliminativism would then have the consequence that no one believes anything.

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