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Neurophilosophy: the expression is based on an influential book by Patricia Churchland (P. Churchland, Neurophilosophy - Toward a Unified Science of Mind-Brain, 1986). It describes approaches to explain the relationship between neurophysiological processes and mental states and phenomena. See also psychology, mind body problem, folk psychology.

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II Patricia Smith Churchland Die Neurobiologie des Bewusstseins - Was können wir von ihr lernen? In Hügli/Lübcke (Hrsg) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert, Reinbek 1993
II 463
Neurophilosophy/Churchland thesis: Neuroscience can reveal the mechanisms underlying psychological functions.
I emphasize the empirical character. These are not problems of conceptual analysis.
Reduction is the most promising strategy.

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Churla I
Paul M. Churchland
Matter and Consciousness Cambridge 2013

Churli I
Patricia S. Churchland
Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Brains New York 2014

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