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Situations, philosophy: a situation is a more or less definable constellation of objects, actors, states, events, information and information channels. See also state, process, action, relations, descriptions, communication, context/context dependency, information, meaning, situation semantics, possible worlds, centered worlds, fine grained/coarse grained.

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Jerrold J. Katz on Situations - Dictionary of Arguments

Eco II 118
Situation/Semantics/Katz/Fodor/Eco: according to Katz and Fodor, the semantic components to be interpreted must not depend on the situation or circumstance (called settings) in which the sentence is pronounced. They point out different possible readings, but the theory does not want to specify...
II 119 and why the sentence has to be used in one sense or another.
Unambiguity/Katz/Fodor: the theory can explain whether a sentence has different meaning, but not under which circumstances it must lose its ambiguity.
1. if you stop at the distinguishers, you do not measure all connotation possibilities of the lexeme.
2. Both the semantic markers and the distinguishers are sings or sign groups that are used to interpret the initial sign. (>Problem of interpretation).
3. the family tree of Katz/Fodor recognises the intentions usually determined by a dictionary. The code therefore coincides with the dictionary. The existence of special conventions and codes, such as those suggesting other branches, will not be...
II 120
...taken into account, nor the fact that different forms of branching can coexist in the same community.

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Eco II
U, Eco
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German Edition:
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