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Intensional Logic: intensional logic is a logic that goes beyond the examination of the possibilities of linking fixed (extensional) statements. Problems occur in the context of meaning shifts of intensions (statements that are relativized to speakers and situations). A central problem is the impossibility of quantifying into intensional contexts, that is, e.g. to conclude from a dream the existence of the dreamed content. The treatment of possibility and necessity also belongs to the intensional logic. See also modal logic, possible worlds, semantics of possible worlds, intensions, propositions, opacity, possibility, necessity.

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Intensional Logic/Non-Standard/Hintikka: intensional logic uses non-standard semantics (i.e., the individual domain is not fixed.). Therefore, it is not necessary to limit the domain of possible worlds of their framework. It would also be inappropriate for other reasons:
Epistemic logic: here the restriction would mean that everyone knows the identity of all individuals in the possible world. This would lead to omniscience.
Problem: this would make the situation even stranger: there must then often be epistemic alternatives to the world w0, which are not alethischen (logical) alternatives! This contradicts the natural assumption that:
Logical possibility forms the broadest class of possibilities.

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Hin I
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