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Genz II 173
Human/Evolution/Tomasello/Genz: Tomasello Thesis: All typical human possibilities are based on a single genetic progress.
Homo sapiens: has, as the only one, the possibility of identification with others.
Genetic development: the time since the occurrence of the first human being about 1 million years ago is for a genetic development much too short.
II 174
Tomasello: Thesis: Only the human has the ability to understand external events through mediating intentions or causal forces. In this way he is able to predict the behavior of his conspecifics.

Tomasello I
Michael Tomasello
Die Ursprünge der menschlichen Kommunikation Frankfurt/M. 2011

Gz I
H. Genz
Gedankenexperimente Weinheim 1999

Henning Genz
Wie die Naturgesetze Wirklichkeit schaffen. Über Physik und Realität München 2002

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