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I, philosophy: A) The expression of a speaker for the subject or the person who is herself. The use of this expression presupposes an awareness of one's own person. B) The psychical entity of a subject that is able to relate to itself.
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I 101
I/Consciousness/Frith: Problem: we are good at grasping, but we know very little about the distribution of our body parts in space.
Knowing what we know about it is sometimes wrong: wrong knowledge.
Higher level: here, knowledge is stored about the time and type of change.
Next level: that I am the acting person. Even here I can be wrong.
I 224
I/Self/Frith: I experience myself as an island of stability in a constantly changing world.
I 246
I/Self/Frith: Thesis: the "I" is created by my brain.

Frith I
Chris Frith
Wie unser Gehirn die Welt erschafft Heidelberg 2013

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