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Norbert Bolz, Willem van Reijen, Walter Benjamin Frankfurt 1991

I 23
Text/Benjamin: the text is not important in terms of a historical point of view in relation to its author.
Text: Two Spheres: "Scripture" "Inscription"
1. Sphere: work/authority
2. Sphere: unsettles the authority: The relation to the subject is meaningless, like any inscription.
I 24
"The work itself gets a chance to speak".
Work Character > Model character.
I 26
Text/Benjamin: New forms:
Flyers, brochures, magazine articles, posters: "Only this prompt language is adequately effective in the moment."
1. Necessity of new art forms
2. Integration of proletarian life and language forms
3. The journalistic monopoly of the newspaper.
These moments have to be recalled together in such a way that the decomposition of the traditional forms by the mass media is recognizable precisely as the prerequisite of new forms. "Theological" dialectics in the relationship of "deepest humiliation" and "restoration".
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