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Enlightenment, philosophy: Englightenment is an expression of the historical philosophical epoch between ca. 1650 and 1800, in which rational thought, science, education and, ultimately, civil rights were strengthened. See also progress, rationality, rationalism, history, criticism, natural law, reason.

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Baruch Spinoza on Enlightenment - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 237
Enlightenment/Spinoza/Höffe: Spinoza is also an “enlightener” and at the same time spokesman for humanity in the sense that he in the last instance refers exclusively to a property common to all human beings, natural reason, which is even responsible for the interpretation of Scripture. Spinoza's outstanding political significance is built on this. He subjects the two dominant powers of his time to criticism. With all the respect he pays to the two main powers of his time, the state with its laws and the religious communities with their beliefs, rituals and claim to divine truth, Spinoza invokes the right that
Höffe I 238
one later counts among the "human rights": the right to form a free judgement by means of one's own reason.

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B. Spinoza
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Höffe I
Otfried Höffe
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