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Gould I 53
Selection/Darwin suggested two types of sexual selection. (a) competition among male memebers of a species for access to females, and (b) a selection made by the females themselves.
I 54
WallaceVsSexual Selection: it attaches too much importance to the "wanting" of animals. It puts emphasis on characteristics, which are rather hindering for a well-functioning machine.
GouldVsWallace, who had an exaggerated idea of the effectiveness of the selection, abruptly stopped short of the brain. He argued that our morality and our intellect cannot be the product of nat. selection. However, since it is the only way to develop forms, a divine being must have intervened.
Nowadays, absurdly, an attitude is called "Neo Darwinism" which is much closer to Wallace's rigorous selectionism than to Darwin.

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