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Holz I 50
Definition evidence/certainty/a priori/Leibniz: the certainty (the necessity of identical propositions A = B) is based neither on empiricism nor on deduction, but on an a priori insight.
I 53
Certainty/proof/perception/experience/Leibniz: of the multiplicity expressed in an infinite set of sentences, one can say that these sentences are perceived by us as the basis of every knowledge of truth. Before any provability!
This process of perception is just with what I experience myself. (> I, experience, "I think").
This is also where the I differs from every other. (Position in the chain, position in the universe).
Therefore the sentence "varia a me percipiuntur" is not provable and also not obliged to be proved. It is not possible here to go back to an underlying principle.
The two principles (of identity and variety) are only necessary to form further sentences.

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Lei II
G. W. Leibniz
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H. H. Holz
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