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Determinates/Determinables: Determinables are expressions for something that allows further specifications due to language usage. E.g. the form, color, etc., are determinables, which are determined further by determinates such as "elongated", "light green," and so on. The term was introduced by W.E. Johnson (Johnson, W.E., 1921, Logic (Part 1), Cambridge). See also specification, determinateness, individuation, identification, ontology.

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Definition "determinate"/determinate/Millikan: determinate is a property relative to a "determinable" property under which both this property and a lot of other properties fall.
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For example, red (together with its opposite green, yellow, etc.) is a determinate property relative to "colored". ((s) "colored": = determinable).
E.g. purple: is determinate relative to both red and also to colored.
(2) The fact that A and B have the properties p1, p2, p3, etc. in common can be explained by a natural law or laws in situ that satisfy condition (3) (see below).

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Millk I
R. G. Millikan
Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories: New Foundations for Realism Cambridge 1987

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