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Platonism: Platonism in the narrower sense is the thesis in modern philosophy that some ideas and mental objects, especially ideas, are attributed reality. Various authors are Platonists with respect to e.g. numbers, mathematical entities, or universals. In contrast, e.g. intuitionism of mathematics assumes that numbers are not objects. This distinction has a significant effect on the logical formalisability of statements of mathematics. See also nominalism, mathematical entities, theoretical entities, completeness, evidence, fictions.

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Platonism/Bigelow/Pargetter: Thesis: Bigelow/Pargetter pro Platonism, but a scientific Platonism.
I 387
Universals/Realismus/Bigelow/Pargetter: Universal realism allows us to be realists in terms of causation. For this we have to recognize forces as vectors and proportions as causally active.
I 388
Existence/Property/Instantiation/Uninstantiated/Plato/Bigelow/Pargetter: pro: a property does not have to be instantiated to exist.
Possible worlds/realism/Bigelow/Pargetter: statistical concluding can be realistically understood if we allow possible worlds.
Chance: we can also realistically analyze objective chances with them, as well as natural necessity in natural laws and its connection with counterfactual conditionals.
Explanation: can be realistically constructed with possible worlds.

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Big I
J. Bigelow, R. Pargetter
Science and Necessity Cambridge 1990

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