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Bubner I 131
Science Theory/Bubner: another line of the rehabilitation of ancient science theory: re-evaluation of the rhetorical logic of argumentation. Originally from legal subsumption logic, which was more suspected of being irrational.
Toulmin: "The Uses of Argument": 1958 (Habermas ties up with him).
Science is a part of human action and not a separate logic.
Overcoming a false elevation of logic into the rank of a science.
The thesis of technique of argumentation is the use of reasons for assertions, critical examination of evidence and the application of conclusions.
"Working logic" instead of "idealized logic".
Evidence is always pragmatic and intersubjective in the discussion.
Reason Criticism/Kant: Kant compares it to a Court of Justice. The question "quid facti" is preceded by the legitimation question "quid juris".
Deduction: deduction is in Kant proof of legal claims.
Universal pragmatics/Habermas/Apel: Bubner: here there is even more decisive argumentation logic.

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Tou I
St. Toulmin
The Uses of Argument Cambridge 2003

Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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