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II 365
Justification/"good" circle/circular/Field: (Black, 1958, Dummett 1978, Friedman 1979 van Cleve, 1984) - E.g.: A deductive explanation of deduction gives us a kind of reasonable explanation as to why we should prefer it to alternatives. - Field: that is an explanation, but not a justification. - An explanation can only be a justification if there is a risk that there is no explanation at all.
II 386
Circular/Circularity/circular/Cognitive Theory/Induction/Field: the circle is an undeniable fundamental fact of epistemology: we need factual beliefs, which in turn can only be achieved by means of induction rules or perceptual rules.

Fie I
H. Field
Realism, Mathematics and Modality Oxford New York 1989

Fie II
H. Field
Truth and the Absence of Fact Oxford New York 2001

H. Field
Science without numbers Princeton New Jersey 1980

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