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Hans Heinz Holz Descartes Frankfurt/M 1994

I 106
God/Thomas Aquinas: God is not the mirror of all things, but things are a mirror of God - but the recognition of a thing in the mirror is speculative recognition- Descartes: God cannot deceive because of his perfection.
Geach I 318
Relationships/God/Human/World/Aquinas/Geach: human relations: are "real" (within the world) - divine relations to humans: are not "real" - Example 1. "God rules the world" - 2. "The world is ruled by God" - both are logically equivalent. And both are true according to Thomas Aquinas, but only the second is a "real" relation according to him (because only secular things can enter into real relations) - this is Thomas Aquinas' "deep understanding that the way our mind works must not be the way, as things are" - AquinasVsWittgenstein: that is, that our mind is not necessarily a "mirror of the world" (Tractatus).

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Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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