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Belief, philosophy: attitude of considering a sentence to be true. Unlike religious faith belief is linked to the assessment of probabilities. See also belief, religious belief, propositional attitudes, intensions, probability, belief degrees.
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Kim Sterelny Primatenwelten in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg.) Der Geist der Tiere, Frankfurt 2005

Perler I 362
Thoughts/beliefs/animal/Sterelny: Mind readers, according to an argumentation line, master something like an everyday psychology.
Heyes adapts this: a living being with a theory of the mind believes that mental states play a causal role in the generation of behavior.
Concept/Sterelny: when one binds the possession of concepts to the inferential connections between them, one gets to this point of view: the "inferential roles theory of meaning".
When I respond to the "Tiger" alarm call,...
I 363
...I have a "little knowledge of tigers".
To have a concept of belief is to have a belief theory in this theory.
Concept/SterelnyVs: it is not compulsory to make concepts dependent on internal relationships,
they can also be identified by their relationships with the outside world.

Tie I
D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg)
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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