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Kim Sterelny Primatenwelten in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg.) Der Geist der Tiere, Frankfurt 2005

Perler I 364
Deception/error/correction/sense/perception/Sterelny: an organism that can register its environment only through a single stimulus is more susceptible, and has very limited control and adaptation of its behavior.
Changes to the environment often distort the input.
Sterelny: it is better to track down functionally relevant features of the environment over more than one channel. (Definition "stimulus-dependent": only one channel).
It is also possible for two independent stimuli to penetrate through the same channel: For example, a zebra can assess the degree of danger of a hyena by its attitude and viewing direction, both of which are perceived through vision.
The difference between the use of multiple stimuli and a generalization is difficult to draw. After all, no two attempts at approaching an enemy will produce exactly the same retina stimulus.

Tie I
D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg)
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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