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Baruch Spinoza on God - Dictionary of Arguments

Höffe I 232
God/Spinoza/Höffe: The only substance that exists, God, is cause of itself (causa sui); the different basic forms of reality are nothing else but attributes of God. This indwelling (immanence) of all things in God and God in all things amounts to a pantheism (All-God doctrine: God is everything and in everything). It excludes a transcendental concept of God that transcends the world and, although Spinoza's system is based on a concept of God, it introduces the then almost fatal accusation of atheism(1).

1. Spinoza. Ethica ordine geometrico demonstrata, 1677

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Genz II 312
Purpose/God/Spinoza: God does not act for purposes, because he does not lack anything.

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Höffe I
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Gz I
H. Genz
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