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Possible World: entity that can be quantified over. There ist a dispute over the question whether possible worlds exist or are only assumed for purposes of proofs of completeness. See also actual world, modal logic, modal realism, realism, actualism, possibility, possibilia, quantification.

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Arthur Schopenhauer on Possible Worlds - Dictionary of Arguments

Pfotenhauer IV 26
Possible World/Voltaire/SchopenhauerVsLeibniz/Schopenhauer: (A. Schopenhauer, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, vol. II 4th book, p. 669): I cannot concede to de Theodicee, this methodical and broad unfolding of optimism, in such a property, any merit other than that it later gave rise to the immortal "Candide" of the great Voltaire; as a result of which, however, Leibnitz's often repeated and lame excuses for the world's evils, namely that the bad sometimes brings about the good, receive an unexpected evidence.
Even Leibnitz's palpable, sophistical proofs that this world is the best and the most possible can be seriously and honestly proved to be the worst among the possible. (p. 669).

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Pfot I
Helmut Pfotenhauer
Die Kunst als Physiologie. Nietzsches ästhetische Theorie und literarische Produktion. Stuttgart 1985

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