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Ideas: ideas are representations of objects, circumstances or properties of objects as opposed to their manifestations in the external world. At times the concept of the idea is connected with the claim of perfection. See also idealism, idealization, thing in itself, Platonism.

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Korfmacher Schopenhauer zur Einführung Hamburg 1994

I 55
Ideas/Schopenhauer: not subject to the sentence from the ground - to be recognized only by aesthetic perception = losing oneself to the object.
I 77
Idea/Schopenhauer: A central link between the views and multiplicity of the individual things of the imaginary world. As objects for a subject, the ideas themselves are determined by the conceptual; as objectivizations of the will, they themselves determine the imagination. As immediate objectivization they have more reality than the things of the world of appearances.
I 79
Idea: free from causality - not the effect of will, but its appearance.
I 80
The supreme idea: the human being.
I 84
Idea/SchopenhauerVsPlato: because Schopenhauer equates will with Kant's thing per se, the ideas in his system cannot take on the highest metaphysical rank they have in Plato - like Plato: the transient things are only by participation in the ideas, therefore they have a lower degree of reality than these - ideas/Plato: equality, size, unity, similarity (= epistemological categories).

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