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Daisie Radner Heterophänomenologie: wie wir etwas über die Vögel und die Bienen lernen in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg) Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

Perler I 415
Colors/Seeing/Animal/Radner: Bees. Compared to our shifted (400 800 nm) frequency range : 300 700 nm. Bees do not see red, but ultraviolet. They can distinguish yellow hues (rape, wallflower, charlock), which look the same for us. These can be differentiated by us when we look at them through an ultraviolet filter!
Definition Purple/Meyers Encyclopedia: Mixed color, additive composed of the two colors at the end of the spectrum (different depending on weighting). For example, human. Red and blue, "blue-red", does not occur in the spectrum itself.
I 418
Purple/Animal/Radner: there are different purple hues for different animals: "UV Purple", "Bee Purple", etc.
Seeing/Hetero-Phenomenology/Animal/Radner: 1st person: there are attempts to simulate how the bees' facet eye look like through blurred, segmented photographs.
Radner: It only pretends to show how it looks for the bees. In reality, it shows what it would look like for us if we had facets.
I 418
Environment/Animal/Radner: The (Uexkull's) environment of an animal can be explored independently of any consideration of its inner world.
I 419
Phenomenology/Radner: my point of view can be called "phenomenology": one describes how the world would appear to an organism if it had the sense experiences (3rd person), or how it would appear to me if I had certain characteristics in common with it (1. person) to explain or predict an aspect of the sensory systems of an organism or its recognition of objects.

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Perler I
Dominik Perler
Markus Wild
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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