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Representation, philosophy: representations are adopted internal conditions, such as visual imaginations or linguistic completions, which set in as associations or are possibly developed by reconstruction. In a wider sense, sentences, words, and symbols are representations within a character system. See also truth maker, idea, sentences, propositions, intensions, correspondence, speech act theory.

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Joelle Proust Das intentionale Tier in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg) Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt/M. 2005

Perler I 225
Mental representation/Dretske/Proust:
1. Covariance between internal condition and external situation ("Indication").
2. The internal indicator has the function of displaying the external situation. Then it represents it.
3. Representations can be true or false.
I 227
Representation/Proust: the everyday understanding commits a petitio principii when it refers to a particular representation, which is to be based only on a difference between inside and outside or on spatial concepts.
Spatial concepts can only provide a solution when it comes to explaining the use of spatial relations to distinguish terms.
I 229
Representation/Animal/Proust: we see that probably many animals have mental representations.
I 230
These are also objective.
Question: are these animals that are obviously capable of a kind of proto belief, also capable of real beliefs, or do they only have non-conceptual perception abilities?

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Perler I
Dominik Perler
Markus Wild
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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