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Ideas: ideas are representations of objects, circumstances or properties of objects as opposed to their manifestations in the external world. At times the concept of the idea is connected with the claim of perfection. See also idealism, idealization, thing in itself, Platonism.
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Bubner I 27
Ideas/The Republic/Plato/Bubner: it is no accident that the theory of ideas is developed in The Republic: (> Philosophy king).
Strange: that also the practical good should belong to the ideas.
I 28
Definition Ideas/Plato: The reasons of being of everything real.
I 51
Being/Parmenides: had forbidden to attribute a being to non-being.
Being/Appearance/PlatoVsParmenides: the solution of the problem of being has to be re-established, in memory of the linguistic nature of the concept.
Only in language can the concept of being express what it means, and also the concept of being is only meaningful in propositions.
Ideas/Plato: now only one step is needed to introduce the community of ideas among themselves: the presocratic ontology provides, as a matter of course, the concepts of being, rest, and movement.
Each determination is now itself and not another. Thus, determinateness implies negation.
Here the dialectics finds its highest field of activity as the doctrine of the relations between one and many.

Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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