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Bubner I 25
Good/The Good/Plato/Bubner: without Aristotelian glasses, the good in Plato seems less colorless: Why did the top idea have the good as its content?
I 32
Good/Ideas/Republic/Plato/Bubner: the idea of good can only be reflected in parables.
All ideas reveal a certain content in their truth. This is how by no means a hierarchy is established. It arises only when not the truth, but the idea of the good comes into view. (As a vanishing point of all knowledge).
I 33
But this does not lead to a regress in meta-levels (where the not thematized becomes an issue), nor is it the demand for self-reflection.
In the state, however, it is not about a question of a principle of being, but about the sense of theory as a whole. This, however, requires more than a mere increase of theory from the principle on knowledge of principles.
I 35
Summary: the idea of the good must be understood literally. The parable-like dress does not point to an ontological secret doctrine.
The philosopher who, with this question of the meaning and purpose of the theory, relativizes the possibilities of the theory itself, becomes a dialectician. (Dialectic).
I 166
Definition Eudaimonia/Plato: the "human good" whose investigation is part of politics.
The summit of knowledge is achieved only by the one who is given the highest function in political coexistence. For he knows exactly what all the actors are striving for, but can only recognize vaguely.
I 167
Practice/Plato: "to do his own" is his formula for everyone's role in the state, but everyone can do it only in the context of the whole without overlooking the whole.

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Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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